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'SchoolMate' - App for parents

The Department of Education and Training has released an App which is designed to help you better understand the curriculum we use to teach your children every day.

The App, called SchoolMate, is available for free download now in the App Store for iPhones and iPads and in Google Play for Android phones and tablets.


SchoolMate gives you a general overview of the Victorian curriculum in each subject at each year level and:

  • Provides you with an overview of what your children are learning in each subject at each year level according to the Victorian curriculum (AusVELS)

  • Provides you with tips regarding activities and things you can do at home to help your kids in each subject and year level

  • Suggests apps, books, events and activities related to each subject area and year level.


Our school, like all other government schools in Victoria, uses AusVELS as the basis for the learning programs we run at school every day.

Our teachers adapt the curriculum to meet the needs of our students and community, for example, designing learning programs around what your children are interested in, or around days or celebrations that are important to our community.

SchoolMate is designed to give you an overview of what children are expected to learn in Victorian government schools across every subject from Prep to Year 10.


Below are links to youtube clips that give an overview of this App and how to download it.















Frequently asked questions

What is SchoolMate?

SchoolMate is an app for Victorian parents to help them understand what their kids are learning and get more involved in their child’s education.


Who is SchoolMate for?

Parents of students from prep to Year 10 in Victorian government schools.


Can parents of children in Catholic and independent schools use SchoolMate?

Parents with children at Catholic schools can also use SchoolMate as their schools also follow the AusVELS Victorian school curriculum. Parents with children at Independent schools should check with their principal or teacher about how closely their school follows the AusVELS curriculum.


Where can I get SchoolMate?

You can download it now for free in the App store and in Google Play. Just search for ‘SchoolMate’.


Does SchoolMate work on all phones and tablets?

SchoolMate works on all iPhone 4s, 5s and 6s and all recent iPads. It also works on all current Android phones and tablets.


What will I find in SchoolMate?

SchoolMate will:

  • Show parents a snapshot of what their children are learning in each subject at each year level according to the Victorian curriculum (AusVELS)

  • Provide tips as to what they can do at home to help their kids in the best way possible

  • Suggested related apps, books, events and activities relevant to each subject area.


Will SchoolMate tell me everything  about what my children are learning at school?

No. SchoolMate is a snapshot of the school curriculum (AusVELS) which our school uses as the basis for the learning programs we deliver every day. Parents should always talk to their child’s teacher with any questions about what their child is learning.


Who created SchoolMate?

The Department of Education and Training’s Digital Comms team, with lots of help from the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority and dozens of educators from the Victorian teaching subject associations.